Ronny Mauricio has ‘a chance to be a superstar.’ Does he have a position with the Mets?

To understand Ronny Mauricio, perhaps it’s appropriate to explain Francisco Álvarez first.

The star catching prospect is the top-rated minor leaguer in the Mets organization and the first who springs to the minds of fans when they think about the future of the team.

Álvarez, with his loud bat and a smile that might as well be painted onto his face, is as comfortable in the dugout as he is in the spotlight, a gregarious and joyful 20-year-old who exudes as much personality as talent. The lists of top prospects, the media attention and the clubhouse belong to Álvarez.

There is a symmetry and a symbolism to Mauricio existing in Álvarez’s vast shadow. Mauricio always has been less acclaimed, entering this season as the 76th-best prospect in baseball, according to MLB Pipeline, compared with Álvarez at No. 10. Mauricio does not have the loud bat or mouth that his close buddy has. The two have gone through High-A Brooklyn and Double-A Binghamton together and have talked about taking over Queens, but their personalities are near opposites.