Artist stuns with mind-blowing optical illusion makeovers

A makeup artist has gone viral for her mind-blowing looks, some of which take up to 12 hours to complete.

Esther Aular, 29, who lives Bogotá, Colombia, continuously wows her 1.7 million TikTok and 83,000 Instagram followers with her makeup skills under the name “Nekita.”

The artist, who is originally from Venezuela, has posted photos and videos her herself transforming into everything from “The Simpsons” characters and a blue tiger to a monster with rows of fangs and other wild optical illusions.

“My type of makeup is surrealism and optical illusion looks. It takes four to six hours to do most looks but sometimes it can take eight to 12,” Aular told South West News Service.

“But it’s my art, my emotions, it’s what I live and love, so I find it easy to come up with ideas,” she said. “I just take my face and do my makeup and become who I really am.”

And her followers seem to adore who Aular really is.

“My brain isn’t braining,” one person commented about the illusion in which she wildly appears to have five different faces.

“This is not make up, it’s pure extraordinary piece,” said another, while one fan chimed in, “That confuses the brain, love it.”

In another video, Aular seems to have two heads merged together, designed to look like the Scartlet Witch and Doctor Strange of Marvel superhero multiverse fame.

“Omg… I thought this was two people you are incredibly amazing,” an admirer wrote, while another said they “thought it was a drawing at first.”