Save over $1,000 on this chin device to help tone and tighten your jaw

You don’t have to shell out the big bucks and go under the knife to get a sleeker chin and jawline. Nope, thanks to technology there are ways to improve your appearance easily… and without going under general anesthesia. The Infini Therapy Chin Device is an advanced tool that incorporates cutting-edge technology to get your face selfie ready from even the worst angles. And right now it’s on sale for just $85.99, 95% off the usual price, for a limited time right in time for summer.

Some muscles are easy to tone and tighten, but others are a little tougher to work on… like a pesky double chin or soft jawline. The Infini Sonic Therapy Chin Device is a groundbreaking gadget that works to rejuvenate your skin and improve facial contours around the chin and jawline. It’s made with a comfortable ergonomic design that includes a lightweight, foldable V-shape that secures itself around the back of your head via a soft headband, so wearing it couldn’t be easier.

Infini Therapy Chin Device, $86, original price: $1,995

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Curious how it works? The Infini Sonic Therapy Chin Device embraces Electro-Magnetic Stimulation (EMS) microcurrents that tighten and tone the muscles in your chin and jaw to result in a lifted and firmer appearance. It’s also equipped with red and blue LED Light Therapy that helps stimulate collagen production that can help tighten your skin.

Unsure which technology to use? You can customize your treatment with the accompanying touchpad, which lets you toggle between EMS intensities and light therapy modes depending on your goals. Just wash your face and put it in and get ready to enjoy the results.

Debut a more refined jawline and a firmer, sleek chin right in time for summer with the Infini Therapy Chin Device. Get this game-changing gadget on sale for just $85.99 now.

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