Umpire makes Cardinals pitcher Jordan Hicks switch gloves in awkward moment

This was awkward.

Just as Jordan Hicks was ready to begin his evening, he had to find a new glove.
His light gray and red color combination is apparently against MLB rules.

Right before the Cardinals’ starting pitcher delivered his first pitch to Lamonte Wade Jr. of the Giants on Friday, crew chief Greg Gibson walked in from second base to stop him.

Rule 3.07 in the official MLB Rule Book states: “the pitcher’s glove may not, exclusive of piping, be white, gray, nor in the judgement of an umpire distracting in any manner.”

The first replacement glove brought out for Hicks didn’t work, either. It was more red with some black and gray in it. Pitching coach Mike Maddux then brought out three more gloves that met Gibson’s standards.

At last, the game was able to start.

The Cardinals’ Jordan Hicks has his glove checked by umpire Greg Gibson.
Jordan Hicks is brought a new glove by umpire Greg Gibson before the first inning against the Giants.

Ironically, Hicks used the original glove when he faced the Giants last week. He didn’t pitch great in either game, failing to get past five innings. Hicks gave up three runs on three hits Friday and the Giants won, 8-2.