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Why the Tom Brady megadeal could work out perfectly for Fox’s Greg Olsen

The potentially greatest thing to happen to Greg Olsen’s NFL analyst career is Tom Brady’s $375 million megadeal with Fox. This may be counterintuitive, but I believe it could work out very well for Olsen.

Olsen is Fox’s choice to team with Kevin Burkhardt on its No. 1 team as it waits for Brady. That means it would be Olsen calling the Super Bowl with Burkhardt on Feb. 12 in Glendale, Arizona.

Options are open: From what I can tell of Olsen’s personality, he thrives on pressure. So it is not as if he couldn’t handle being the undisputed No. 1 guy. However, the specter of a big-name quarterback such as Brady being hired would have been looming over Olsen no matter what. Now he knows the score, and can put his head down, do the job well and put himself in a spot where he one day won’t have to worry about who is behind him.

If he does really well in this pre-Brady period, the 37-year-old Olsen likely will be able to call big games down the road for even bigger money.