Biden, WH claims US has 'zero inflation' despite annual rate remaining 8.5%

"I just want to say a number: zero," Biden said in the White House East Room while not acknowledging federal Consumer Price Index data showed annual inflation dipping only slightly...

Why gas prices are dipping below $4 per gallon for first time in months

Prices are down by more than $1 compared to the all-time high of $5.03 on June 14.

International House of Profits: Rich people 'trading down' to Applebee's, IHOP as inflation surges

“We perform well during tough times like this.”

Egg, butter prices spike as food inflation persists: report

The cost of packaged bread surged last month by 15% while frozen meals were 23% more expensive.

Inflation surges 8.5% in July despite drop in gasoline prices

Inflation surged 8.5% in July, hovering at a four-decade high despite a drop in gasoline prices and adding pressure on the Federal Reserve to bring down the price of necessities....

Dems' Inflation Reduction Act is a $700B midterm Hail Mary for Biden

Every dog has his day, and apparently so does every miserably inadequate president.

Pawn Stars host: People needing cash turning to pawn shops during inflation

Rick Harrison said some are pawning items they never planned to sell in order to get by.

How Dems' spending bill hammers Americans with billions in new taxes

Tax experts are still trying to work out exactly what the so-called Inflation Reduction Act will cost average Americans.

Trump shares blame for Democrats' disastrous 'successes'

Blame for this travesty also lies at Donald Trump’s feet.

Biden says 'inflation' bill funds healthcare, 'God knows what else' in bizarre speech

President Biden seemed unfamiliar Monday with the specifics of the massive spending bill dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act that Senate Democrats passed Sunday.