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The Nets are trying to copy the Warriors, as a basketball team and a business. Then there’s Kyrie Irving

This month, the sports world has watched Steph Curry lead the Warriors to a fourth NBA title and watched Kyrie Irving lead the Nets into chaos.

The Nets may not have a pick in the 2022 draft, but that doesn't mean they don't have reason to prepare for it

The draft is less than a week away and the Nets don't have a pick, but that doesn't mean they don't have their eyes on a few players.

What Kenny Atkinson did after his undeserved Nets demise readied him to be a head coach again

But before he takes over in Charlotte, he’ll try to earn a ring with Golden State.

How Ime Udoka's 'real basketball' detour to Brooklyn helped him get the Celtics to the NBA Finals

Ime Udoka has the Celtics in the NBA Finals thanks in large part because he got to experience what life was like with the Nets.

Why the Nets' lack of length is a problem they can't outscore anymore

The playoffs showed the Nets they have to supersize their lineup if they hope to keep pace with their Eastern Conference rivals.

How the Nets’ Big 3 drama may have hinged on Spencer Dinwiddie’s injury

Less than three weeks later, the Nets dumped their roster depth for James Harden.

How Amar’e Stoudemire delivered a Nets warning to Kyrie Irving

Amar'e Stoudemire, in a Nets exit interview of sorts, stuck up for his pal Steve Nash and questioned Kyrie Irving's commitment.

After all the turns in the Ben Simmons saga, the Nets and their injured star might finally have a bright future

The Ben Simmons saga has taken yet another turn, but it may be one that allows the Nets and their star to finally get on the court together.

Kyrie Irving doesn’t get it

In the wake of the Nets getting swept in the first round, Irving has responded with a long social media screed against the media.

Ben Simmons’ audacious comeback? It's these Nets as usual

Simmons would be facing the NBA’s most ferocious defense, after almost an entire year off and – if the Nets lose Saturday – in an elimination game.